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Affiliate Marketing: Set Yourself Free!

Want to work from home? …be your own boss? …make tons of money without lifting a finger? Yeah, I bet you do! But that’s not going to happen. If you’re ready to buckle down, learn lots, and work hard, though, you can carve out a nice living as an affiliate marketer, a fun and interesting job that you can do from any place in the world. I took a course from Affilorama to learn how to make money online. Check it out!

What is affiliate marketing? It’s simple. There are companies that have products to sell. You make an agreement to sell those products for a percentage of the sale price. Then you build a website of some sort, like the one you’re reading now, and place advertisements for that company’s products on your site. Your visitors then click on those advertisements and are brought to the manufacture’s site. They buy something, and the company sends you your share of the profit.

How do you get started? It’s easy. There is a market for just about anything you can think of, from iguanas to candy canes to precious gems. The trick is to pick a niche that you enjoy—you are going to be studying and writing about it every day. Once you have your topic, make a blog or website. Use WordPress to build your site. It’s relatively simple and easy to use, and it’s free.

Where do you find companies to work with? They are everywhere. If fact, I would bet that most products and services you use have affiliate programs. Since you are already a customer of theirs, start with them. Then do some more research. Search Google to find companies offering products or services that match your topic. Go to their websites, scroll down to the bottom of their home pages, and look for a link that says “partners’ or “affiliates.” Click on the link and follow the instructions concerning how to sign up as an affiliate.

If this article has peaked your interest, you are probably going to go straight to Google and search for more information. You will find lots and lots of it. Be careful whose advice you take, and don’t go spending your hard earned money on products with titles like, “Super Secrets of Getting Rich Through Affiliate Marketing.” Get all the free information you can and then take this, my greatest piece of advice in regards to affiliate marketing, “Learn by doing, not by reading every article on the Internet.”

Had success as an affiliate marketer? Tell us how you did it in the comments section below.

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