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Living with Less is Living Well

When I first left America back in 2002, my poor, overworked brain was wrought with stress and anxiety. Was I nervous about moving to an unfamiliar land, a land where I would be unable to, on my own, procure myself even a simple slice of toast?

No. I was wracked with stress trying to sort out what to do with all of my stuff. My stuff, after all, was expensive, and I had worked hard to get it. I had custom made furniture, an expensive entertainment center, a new car, and lots of other stuff that was of the utmost importance to me.

After my first year abroad, though, I cared so little about these possessions that I gave them away to whichever of my friends had agreed to house them for me, with the exception of my car, which had to be sold, so I could unburden myself from its migraine inducing debt.

Dumping all this stuff was the most exhilarating experience in my life! I now owned nothing. I was responsible for nothing. I was free! I could go anywhere and do anything without worrying about my stuff. I literally had no possessions to lose! And do you know what I learned?

I learned just how much energy it takes to care for an abundance of physical possessions. With mine gone, my mind became free and clear. I was able to think about what I wanted out of life. In fact, I had nothing else to think about. There were no other worries. No credit card payments. No car payments. No storage fees. No distractions. …just me and the rest of my life to do what I pleased.

That might sound, to you, like a spat of hyperbole, but it’s not. Think about it. How many people pass up great overseas job opportunities because they are tied down by their homes, their cars, and their fish tanks? Many. They are literally trapped in their own average lives by what they own. Their possessions dictate the terms of their lives, at least in regards to mobility. Don’t think so? Consider this.

Even a relatively inexpensive new car will cost you at least $20,000. For a thousand dollars a month, you can live like royalty in Southeast Asia. That’s 20 months, nearly two years, of totally free and happy living in a tropical paradise for the same price as a Buick!

Skip the car. Live your life.

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