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Slaying the Thai Visa Dragon

Looking for a long-term Thai visa solution? Perhaps you are developing an Internet business and want to let your creative juices flow while living in a beautiful beachside condo. Or perhaps you’re flirting with the idea of retiring in Thailand, but aren’t ready to take the plunge. You need to stay a while, feel things out a bit first. In either case, you need a Thai language visa!

Thai language visas aren’t just for full-time students. In fact, they are doled out to anyone willing to sign up for Thai language courses. These courses are simple, cheap and not very time consuming. Take this course, for example, from the Thai Language Station in Bangkok.

  • Course on Saturday 1 time / week

Every Saturday from 9:00AM-12:45PM or 12:45PM-16:30PM

  • Course on Tuesday and Thursday 2 times / week

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 16:30PM to 18:45PM or 18:45PM to 21:00PM

Total lessons: 210 lessons (42 weeks) for a year ED visa course

As you can see, there are two options to choose from. In either case, class time is limited to fewer than four hours per week, and you can knock out those for hours attending class just one or two days a week.

The cost? Most courses are in the neighborhood of 800 US Dollars per year, not bad considering the fact that you are getting a yearlong visa and Thai language courses. And let’s be fair, if you are going to stay for a year or more, you should be learning the language anyway, right?

How long can you stay in the country using these student visas? Amazingly, you can continue renewing these visas for a full decade! By the time that gravy train pulls out of town, you, surely, will have made other, more concrete, arrangements. Enjoy!

Have questions or advice about Thai visa? Do us a favor and speak up in the comments section below!

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