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I Was Impaled By a Bull: Am I Covered?

Many people think that when they buy travel insurance they are covered for all manner of mishaps. Unfortunately, this is just not true. If you are impaled by a bull, for example, your insurance company is going to ask how in the world that happened. If you were walking down a country road minding your own business when the vile beast attacked you, you’ll be covered.

If you were drunk and thought it would be a hoot to run up behind the bull and yank its tail, causing it to attack you, your coverage is going to be denied. In fact, with many policies, coverage will be denied any time alcohol is a factor in an accident. Even if you were sober, though, they would have the right to deny this claim because you caused the bull to attack you by yanking its tail—what were you thinking?

Broke your leg skiing? Of course that’s covered, right? I mean, you did buy the insurance specifically for a ski trip. Not so fast! Skiing is considered to be an “extreme sport” and is not covered under most plans. If you want to take part in extreme sports, like skydiving, whitewater rafting, or bungee jumping, you have to purchase extra coverage.

So, before you choose which Travel Insurance package to buy, ask yourself what kinds of activities you’ll be taking part in. If you plan on doing something on your carrier’s “extreme sport” list, get the extra coverage. If you fall down and twist your ankle, try not to mention the 14 piña coladas you had beforehand.

Most of all, though, just try to have fun without falling down—and stay away from those bulls!

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