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BYKI Korean Flashcards

Looking for a set of Digital flashcards to learn Korean? If so, look no further! Today I got a hold of  a copy of  BYKI Deluxe by Transparent Language and had a test run. This is a simple, focused, no-nonsense product that will help you learn 2000 Korean words and 500 Korean phrases quickly and easily. It does this by using a special 3-step process, called…

  • Preview it
  • Recognize it
  • Produce it

This three-step process uses reading, writing, listening, and speaking strategies to walk you step by step to success. Use it and you will develop a deep and practical base of Korean vocabulary words and phrases.

In addition, the BYKI digital Korean flashcards include a special feature called List Central. This is a website where you can find and download customized word and phrase lists made by other users. Then you can load them into your BYKI software, making new sets of flashcards on practically any topic you can think of. This means that your BYKI software will be useful long after you have learned the 2000 words and 500 phrases that come preloaded in it. Also, if you want, you can make your own customized lists and upload them for others to use.

BYKI Korean Flashcards: Highlights

  • Create and share Korean word lists with users around the world
  • Learn thousands of extra words and phrases online at ListCentral
  • Printable Flashcards
  • Great 3-step Learning Process
  • MP3 audio for your iPod or other mobile player
  • Record and Listen to Your Own Pronunciation
  • Great Games and Activities
  • Very Personalized Learning

BYKI Korean Flashcards: Things to Improve

Functionally, this product is top of the line. Aesthetically, however, it could improve, as it does look a bit dated. Of course, it’s an educational product, designed to teach. Not an Ipod, designed to stand out for its cool design and pretty colors.

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One more thing…

If you think you might want a full Korean  language learning program, instead of just  Korean flashcards, I recommend that you check out a product called Rocket Korean. It’s only $99 dollars, and you get a full web-based language learning program, including a lifetime membership to the Rocket Korean Learning Forum.

If interested, you can check out my Rocket Korean Review, or you can visit their site directly.

Bye for now, and have a great day!





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