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How to Choose Japanese Language Learning Software

All Japanese language software makers claim that their products are the best. The truth is, though, that some products are great for certain types of learners and not so great for others. To ensure that you get the best Japanese language learning software for you personally, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. What type of learner are you? Do you learn best when material is presented visually? Are you a strong auditory learner? Or, perhaps you learn best while working with your hands.

2. Do you prefer step-by-step learning? Or,  do you like to pick and choose lessons and subjects that can be learned independently of each other.

3. What are your learning goals? Are you moving to Japan? Just taking a vacation? Doing business with the Japanese? Whatever your circumstances are, they are very important to consider when choosing Japanese language learning software.
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Let’s take a look at 3 of the top Japanese language learning software programs on the market and analyze them in terms of your personal learning style, learning preferences, and learning goals.

The Rocket Japanese Language Learning Program

Rocket Japanese has soared to the top of the marketplace. It is considered to be the best Japanese language learning software on the market. Here are some quick highlights of the program.

  • Highly Regarded, Fully Interactive Audio Dialogues
  • Record Your Pronunciation, Compare it to a Japanese Speaker
  • Culture Lessons Teach You Proper Situational Usage
  • Video Course On How to Write Japanese Characters
  • Software Games Make Learning Vocabulary Quick and Easy
  • Knowledge Checks Keep You Aware of Your Learning Progress
  • Live Support From a Native Japanese Teacher
  • Very Fair Pricing–You Get a Lot For Your Money
Is the Rocket Japanese program the best Japanese learning program for you? Let’s find out.

If you are looking for a very consumer-friendly, easy to use Japanese language learning program, this may be a good product for you. Let’s find out.

What’s Your Learning Style?

The Rocket Japanese program has something for everyone. Auditory learners love the interactive dialogues. Visual learners love the learning games. Kinesthetic learners love the hands-on writing projects. Whatever your learning, style, you’ll find activities in the program that you’ll like, which is why, in my opinion, it is the top selling Japanese language learning software.

Do you prefer structured, step-by-step learning?

The Rocket Japanese course is very structured. Situational dialogues make up the core of each lesson. Other parts of the program, like vocabulary games, cultural  lessons , and writing practice, are related to the dialogues, providing mostly supplementary support for your speaking practice.

What are your learning goals?

The Rocket Japanese language learning course is designed for beginners. If you are an intermediate or advanced Japanese speaker, this program is not for you. Also, this program is designed to teach Japanese language communication skills. It does provide grammar and sentence structure instruction, but not at deep levels. If you are attempting to become a scholar of the Japanese language, this program is not really what you’re looking for. If, on the other hand, you are looking for the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to learn how to speak Japanese, you should give this program a try.

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The Tell Me More Italian Language Learning Program

Another popular Japanese language learning program is called TELL ME MORE. Here are a few highlights of this program.

  • Provides a Lot of Japanese Language Learning Material.
  • Best Japanese Language Speech Recognition Technology
  • Features Many Different Types of Learning Games and Activities
  • Includes Good Assessment Options
  • Has Great Role-Playing Activities

Is the TELL ME MORE Japanese program the best Japanese learning program for you? Let’s find out.

If you are looking for a very in-depth Japanese language learning program, the Tell Me More program may be a good fit for you.

What’s Your Learning Style?

The Tell Me More Japanese language learning program is quite different than the Rocket Japanese program. Everything in the Rocket Japanese course is centered around an interactive dialogue. It is an audio course that provides learning games and activities that help you learners master the dialogues. The Tell Me More course, on the other hand, focuses mostly on learning games. It can best be described as an activity-based course that also has an audio component. One chapter in the Tell Me More Japanese course, for example, will have 70 or 80 learning activities, activities such as crossword puzzles, sentence construction games, and fill-in-the blank exercises. If you love these kinds of learning games, you’ll learn well well with this Japanese language learning program.

Do you prefer structured, step-by-step learning?

The Tell Me More Japanese language learning program is not quite as user-friendly as the Rocket Japanese program. It does offer a step-by-step learning sequence, but ,when you actually use the software, you quickly find that the lessons are too difficult to complete without jumping into other areas of the software to learn stuff that is assumed you already know. For example, it is common to be directed to sentence reconstruction activities, only to find that they are full of words that you have not yet learned. You can then head over to the glossary or use vocabulary pop-up windows to learn the necessary vocabulary. This can be frustrating at first, especially for beginners, but once you get used to it, you find that this immersion style of learning is quite effective.

What are your learning goals?

The Tell Me More Japanese language learning program is great for intermediate and advanced level learners. It is also great for those who are looking to gain a deep understanding of Japanese grammar and language structure. If you are looking for a very in-depth program that you can study for the next year or so, go with the Tell Me More V10 course. If you are looking, on the other hand, for the quickest and easiest way to communicate, go with Rocket Japanese or our final program, Pimsleur Japanese.

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The Pimsleur Japanese Language Learning Program

The Pimsleur language program has been around for many years. It is the product of much research and is highly respected among linguists. Here are it’s higlights.

  • Program is 100% Audio-Based
  • Highly Interactive Content Forces You to Learn
  • The Most Structured of Any Learning Program
  • Used and Trusted By High Profile Agencies in The US Government
  • A Total Immersion Environment

Is the Pimsleur Japanese Language Learning Program for You? If you want a highly structured learning program that is 100% audio-based, you’ll love this program.

What’s Your Learning Style?

While both the Rocket Japanese and the Tell Me More Japanese programs offer something for most learning styles, the Pimsleur Japanese program offers only audio instruction. There are no learning games, no pretty pictures, and no reading or writing exercises. It is pure speaking and listening. If you are a good audio learner, this program will appeal to you. If you learn best with games and pictures and flash cards, go with one of the above-mentioned products.

Do you prefer step-by-step learning?

The Pimsleur Japanese language learning program is, without a doubt, the most structured learning program available. It’s simple. You push play and do the 30-minute lesson. You do not stop the recording. You do not rewind the program. You do not do more or less that one lesson per day. That’s it!

What are your learning goals?

This is pretty simple. If you want a comprehensive program that teaches you to read, write and speak Japanese, this program is definitely not for you. If you’re not interested in reading or writing, and you want a a quick and efficient way to learn to speak Japanese, this is a program worth looking at.
Visit the The Pimsleur Japanese Home Page

My Recommendations

If you are new the Japanese language and want a very user-friendly Japanese language learning program, go with Rocket Chinese. It focuses on speaking Japanese, but it also offers instruction on basic Japanese grammar and sentence structure. It also includes a very good video series for writing Japanese characters.

If you are intermediate to advanced Japanese speaker and are looking for a very in-depth Japanese language learning program, then you should go with Tell Me More. It offers a ton of instruction and is very academic in nature.

If all you want to do is learn learn to speak Japanese, without learning any reading, writing or grammar, go with pimsleur Japanese. It is a simple, easy to use program that is very effective.

Visit the Rocket Japanese Home Page
Visit the TELL ME MORE Home Page
Visit the The Pimsleur Japanese Home Page

Have you used any of the products mentioned in this post? If so, give us your opinion in the comments section below.



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