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Life Planning: From Broke to Beach in 24 Months Step 3

Step 3: Building Your Online Empire

Okay, you’ve gone to Korea, You’ve taught English for a year. And now you’re sitting in your new place in Thailand or Vietnam. The clock is ticking. You’ve got 12 months of cash on hand. In 12 months you need to be making enough money to support yourself; otherwise, you’ll have to do the unthinkable–get a job! Actually, this is cause for celebration. Stop and think about your life right now.

  • You’re sitting in a tropical paradise
  • You’ve got no debt and 12 months worth of cash on hand
  • You’re about to become financially independant

What if you FAIL? Yeah, good question. What if you fail? What will you do? You’ll do this…

  • Go back to Korea for another year
  • Put another 12 grand in your pocket
  • Head back to the tropical paradise where you’re now sitting
  • Figure out what you did wrong, make adjustments, become successful

Got that? There is no failing at this game. There is doing. There is learning. There is doing again and again until you get it right. If you work hard, though, you won’t need that second year in Korea. You’ll be a successful, self-employed, entrepreneur  who can run his or her business from anywhere in the world!

Setting Up Your Business

The first thing you need to do is learn how to build your business. What kind of business? Affiliate marketing. Now, if you’ve poked around the web a bit, you know that there are truck loads of punters trying to sell you all sorts of get rich quick Internet businesses, courses, software programs, and magical millionaire potions.

Here are the facts.

  • You do need some kind of training
  • Most training programs are junk
  • Some are outright scams
  • A few are very good
  • I spent weeks sorting through all of these programs
  • In the end, I bought one

The one I bought is from a company called Affilorama. It’s called AffiloJetpack. Here is why I bought it.

  • Designed for people who are absolute beginners
  • Simple and easy to follow
  • High-quality training videos and written transcripts
  • Very comprehensive–you learn everything
  • Step-by-step learning–they hold your hand every step of the way

Actually, those reasons are just the minor reasons I went with this program. The big reason I chose this program over others is because it’s not just a training program, like the others. This program actually gives you all the pieces of your business–all you do is put it together. …and the training teaches you exactly how to do that.

When I say “Everything” do I really mean it? Yeah, I mean it, you get everything you need for 5 websites. See for yourself!

Then check this out. It’s the first site that I made with this program. Keep in mind that when I started, I knew nothing. No design experience. No Internet marketing experience. No anything! Make Energy Now. Open it up and check it out.

  • See that nice header? That comes with the program.
  • That matching background? Comes with the program.
  • The site layout? It’s one of the default themes I was given.
  • Click on a sales link. That business partner I’ve got? Comes with the program.

Now check out this page.

Cool looking, right? My customers come here because they want that free e-book “Renewable Energy and Other Money Saving Secrets For Your Home.” That is a professionally written book that you’ll get with your package. Actually, you get 3 books. Here they are (keep in mind that this is just one of many topics you can choose from–and you get all the material to do 5 sites).








Like I said, these books are full-length, professionally written works. Why do we give them away? You’ll learn all about it in your training course, but I’ll give you the basics.

  • You’re building an e-mail list.
  • To get the book, customers input their email addresses and join your newsletter series
  • Once they are signed up for you newsletter, they start getting emails from you.
  • These emails are filled with fun and useful information about green energy, like solar and wind.
  • Each one also suggests a green energy product for your subscribers to buy.
  • People buy the products, and you get a commission

And guess what? The entire newsletter series has already been written for you! You’ll get it as soon as you sign up. How many newsletters are there? Enough for a complete 365-day cycle!

It would take you years to create all of this content on your own! And don’t forget, what I’m showing you is just from one of my sites. When you sign up for the AffiloJetpack program…

You get everything you need to build 5 complete money-making sites!

Now, you may not be interested in Solar energy, but I know something that you are interested in–making money online. So, right now this is what you should do. If you want to for get about Korea and jump right into building your business…

Go and get your JetPacks right now (You’ll have your first site up by the end of the day).

If you want more information about affiliate marketing, download my professionally written e-book, “How to Make Super Affiliate Commissions.” Doing this will provide you with several things you need.

  1. You will discover exactly how to become a successful Internet entrepreneur.
  2. You will get a sneak-peak of an actual e-book that comes with the AffiloJetpack program.
  3. You will learn firsthand how an email campaign is run.
  4. You will get to see actual newsletters that you’ll get with your JetPacks. 

If you have any questions about the AffiloJetpack program, or affiliate marketing in general, put them in the comments below.

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