Learn to Speak Korean: Age

Learn to Speak Korean: Expressing Age


Welcome to Chapter 6, Learn to Speak Korean: Expressing Age. If you are not already familiar with how to pronounce the Korean alphabet, I suggest that you head over to our Korean Alphabet page and get acquainted before learning the information on this page.

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Learn to Speak Korean: Expressing Age Video Lesson

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Learn to Speak Korean: Expressing Age


A: How old are you?

B: I’m 25 years old.

A: What year were you born?

B: I was born in 1985.


A: 몇 살이에요?

B: 저는 스물 다섯 살 입니다.

A: 당신은 어느 해에 태어났습니까?

B: 저는 1985 년에 태어났습니다.

English Korean
How 얼마나
Old 나이가 ~인
You 너, 당신
Year 해, ~살(나이)
Be born 태어나다
In ~(어느 기간)에
Practice saying how old you are.
A: 저는 ________________살 입니다.

Practice saying what year you were born.
A: 저는 ______________년에 태어났습니다.

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