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LinksRocket KoreanRocket ChineseRocket Japanese Thanks for stopping by the Live in Asia Blog. This is a review of the Natively Academy Chinese software program. First I’m going to tell you what I look for in language learning software. Then I’ll review the Natively Academy Chinese. program. After that I’ll tell you about a very nice gift I have for you. Finally, I’ll suggest an alternative product, should this one not match your learning needs.

Judging Criteria

Most people say memorizing vocabulary words and mastering pronunciation are the hardest parts of learning a language. Is this really true, though? …or are people missing the bigger picture?

Think about it. If you didn’t have to go to work or take care of a family, how difficult would it be to learn Chinese pronunciation? If you could sit around for 8 hours a day learning vocabulary words, would it really be that hard to build a deep bank of vocabulary words? I don’t think so. Learning new vocabulary words and perfecting pronunciation are not inherently difficult tasks. What is it that’s so difficult, then? The biggest challenges to learning a language are that…

  • It is time-consuming
  • It takes a lot of mental effort
  • It is expensive

With that in mind, how should we judge language learning programs? Well, naturally, we should judge them based on how they help us conquer our biggest challenges. I do this by judging…

  • learning effectiveness
  • ease of use
  • value for money

What’s learning effectiveness? It’s pretty simple. Different software programs use different teaching methods, and some are better than others. When I review a program, I use it and then judge it based on how much I learned with it in a particular amount of time.

What’s ease of use? This is my way of judging how the course is laid out. Sometimes it’s harder to figure out how to use the software than it is to learn the language! If it takes me ages just to figure out how to navigate around the course, I don’t want to use it!

What’s Value for money? Some programs are cheap but ineffective and hard to use. Others are expensive but effective and easy to use. Where’s the sweet spot? I judge “value” based on how much the program costs in comparison to its learning effectiveness and its ease of use. Plus I compare it to other products in the market and to my own personal needs (if you just want to learn a few survival phrases, a $500 program is not good value for your money no mater how great it is).

Natively Academy Chinese Software


The Natively Academy Company Highlights


  • Nearly 40 Years of Language Learning Software Development
  • Over 8 Million Customers Worldwide
  • Recipient of the “Queens Award for Enterprise,” The UK’s Most Prestigious Business Award
  • Instruction for 16 Different Language

The Program


As you saw in the video above, the Natively Academy Chinese program provides a well-designed, step-by-step learning structure. In fact, this software provides the best learning structure of any software I’ve reviewed. Here is a sample schedule…

  • Day 1 Vocab
  • Day 2 first words
  • Day 3 Phrases
  • Day 4 sentences
  • Day 5 dialogues
  • Day 6 quiz
  • Day 7 practice
  • Day 8 games
With this type of structure, my confidence goes up. My motivation goes up. And my learning remains focused and efficient. If you’re like me, if you are most comfortable with clear, step-by-step learning, you’ll really like this software. Of course, there is more to it than just the structure. Here are some highlights.
  • Seamless Ipod Integration
  • Super Fun and Helpful Voice Recording
  • Printable Phrasebook With Extremely Helpful Chinese Phrases
  • Unbelievably Cool Cinematic Dubbing
  • Great Quizzes to Ensure Steady Learning
  • Over 4000 Modern, Professional, Delightful Photos Keep You Interested
  • Fun and Entertaining Illustrations Make Learning Interesting
  • Clear, Concise, High-Quality Native-Speaker Recordings for You to Emulate
  • 14 Different Learning Activities Ensures Continued Mental Stimulation
  • Dynamic and Interactive Content Creates Fun and Effective Learning Environment
In addition, this product has one feature that is so great I’d like to mention it separately. It’s the Intelligent Software feature.


Intelligent Software
The Intelligent Software feature is like having a personal tutor, one who is a great teacher and who really cares about your learning. What it does is it monitors your learning, recognizes your weak points and then gives you extra practice in that area. Got that? This software is not “static.” It’s alive, so to speak, and watching out for you. It’s not like other language learning software, software that just has recordings, games, and dialogues. This is a complete, interactive, and fluid learning environment.

This software is effective, easy to use, and fun to play with. It provides a fluid, modern learning environment that is a joy to use. It’s the “next generation” of language learning software.” I highly recommend it. And…

Bonus Gift

…if you buy the Natively Academy Chinese program now, I’ll give you an amazing FREE bonus gift that you can’t find on any other site! What is it? It’s an amazing system used to design custom, laser-focused, learning strategies. Yours will be focused on YOUR own personal learning strengths–not anybody else’s. You can easily double, or even triple, the rate at which you learn new languages using this system.

I know. I developed the system myself. I designed it using a Harvard University theory called The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences. As we speak, I’m having software developers turn it into a software program. When it’s done, I’m going to put it on the market for $49.95.

Act now, though, and I’ll give you a PDF version of it for free! Just use the link below to head over to the Official Natively Academy website and purchase the software. Then send me an email with the title, “I bought Natively Academy Chinese!”

As soon as I get your email, I’ll send your FREE Bonus Gift! Easy as pie!

Click Here Now to Buy the Natively Academy Chinese Software Program and to Claim Your FREE Bonus Gift


Is this product for you?

The Natively Academy Chinese language learning program is first-rate, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean it matches your personal learning needs and goals.

That’s why I like to include at least one additional product in every review that I write.  Today I am including the very consumer-friendly Rocket Chinese, which is priced at just $99. Have a look and choose the software that you like best! Here are some Rocket Chinese highlights.

Read My Rocket Chinese Review

Launch Your Learning with Rocket Chinese


What’s the big deal with Rocket Chinese? Head on over and have a look for yourself!

  • 800,000 satisfied customers!
  • Amazing value–lifetime membership for one fee!
  • Live Help from a Japanese Native Speaker
  • Personalized Learning With My Motivation Feature
  • Perfectly Designed Step-By-Step Learning
  • Highly Interactive–With Both Audio and Video!
  • Beautifully Designed–Reminds Me of Apple Products
  • It’s Joining a Community, Not Just Buying Software
  • Free 6-day Trial–Snatch up a free trial now

Launch Your Learning With Rocket Chinese


Questions? Comments? Be a part of the discussion! Put your questions and comments below.

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