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Before I get into this review, I’m going to tell you what I look for in language learning software. Then I’ll review the TELL ME MORE Japanese Software. In the end, I’ll tell you who should and shouldn’t buy this software and what related products are available.

Judging Criteria

Most people say memorizing vocabulary words and mastering pronunciation are the hardest parts of learning a language. Is this really true, though? …or are people missing the bigger picture

Think about it. If you didn’t have to go to work or take care of a family, you could master Japanese pronunciation easily. If you could sit around for 8 hours a day learning vocabulary words, you’d build up a huge Japanese vocabulary in no time. So, if these things aren’t the real challenges, what are? The biggest challenges to learning a language, I think you’ll agree, are that…

  • It is time-comsuming
  • It takes a lot of mental effort
  • It is expensive

With that in mind, how should we judge language learning programs? Well, naturally, we should judge them based on how they help us conquer our biggest challenges. We do this by judging what I call…

  • learning effectiveness
  • ease of use
  • value for money

What’s Learning effectiveness? It’s pretty simple. Different software programs use different teaching methods, and some are better than others. When I review a program, I use it and then judge it based on how much I learned with it in a particular amount of time.

What’s ease of use? This is my way of judging how the course is laid out. Sometimes it’s harder to figure out how to use the software than it is to learn the language! If it takes me ages just to figure out how to navigate around the course, I don’t want to use it!

What’s Value for money? Some programs are cheap but ineffective and hard to use. Others are expensive but effective and easy to use. I judge “value” based on how much the program costs in comparison to its learning effectiveness and its ease of use. Then I compare it to other products in the market and to my own personal needs (if you just want to learn a few survival phrases, a $500 program is not good value for your money no mater how great it is).

TELL ME MORE Japanese Software


The Company

The TELL ME MORE Japanese langauge learning software comes from a company called Auralog. Here are some highlights form this amazing company.

  • Over 2 Decades of Language Learning Software Research and Development
  • Most Award Winning Company in the Industry
  • Over 7 Million Customers
  • Over 15,000 Academic Institutes and Government Agencies Use TELL ME MORE
  • First Language Organization to Use Speech Recognition Technology
  • Receives Major Media Coverage
  • Employees a team of 80 Language Professionals to Further Develop TELL ME MORE
  • Over 300 Native-Speakers Representing 20 Nationalities Providing Language Support

The Program

  • Amazing Voice Recognition Technology
  • 46 Great Animated demonstrations of Hiragana and Katakana
  • Highly Interactive Dialogues–Have Full Conversations With Your Computer
  • Record, Listen to, and Analyze All Of Your Conversations
  • 300 Hours of Japanese Learning
  • 400 Photos to Compliment Dialogues
  • Over 1,500 Japanese language Exercises
  • 8000 Vocabulary Words with Native-Speaker Recordings
  • 60 Key Grammar Points Presented in a Simple and Concise Manner
  • Very High-Quality Materials
  • Includes a Guide to Japanese Language and Culture

My Experience With TELL ME MORE Japanese

This program was developed in collaboration with the Japanese Institute of Languages. It is a very comprehensive package that includes three levels of instruction, beginner, intermediate and advanced, and the program covers all four core second language acquisition skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It covers both Kanji and Kana, and it provides transcriptions in what is called Romaji (the Latin Alphabet).

The wild success of this program is mostly attributed to its cool speech-recognition technology–and I can see why. This amazing feature has the ability to “listen” to and correct your pronunciation and intonation as you speak words. It does this by providing visual cues in the form of waveform and pitch curve displays. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of using the visual cues, it becomes very helpful and easy to use. Plus, if you love gadgets and things like I do, it is incredibly fun to play with.

Plus, it works with more than just individual words. This amazing technology also has the ability to “hear” and highlight mispronounced words within sentences. Using the visual cues, you can then repeat sentences over and over again until both your pronunciation and intonation are perfect. It’s like having a native Japanese teacher sitting next you fixing your pronunciation as you study, something that not all Japanese language software programs have.

Everything about this program is top of the line. The technical engineers have done a marvelous job of getting the most advanced technology today in to this software. Aurora’s 80 full-time language professionals have done a great job of using decades of research coupled with the best modern second language acquisition research and methodologies to design a language learning approach that is highly effective. Finally, the software developers, artists, and other creative professionals employed by Aurora have put everything together in a package that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and most importantly, easy to understand and use.

I highly recommend this product. And…

Bonus Gift

if you buy the TELL ME MORE Japanese program now, I’ll give you an amazing FREE bonus gift that isn’t available on any other site! What is it? It’s a foolproof system used to design custom, laser-focused, learning strategies. Yours will be focused on YOUR own personal learning strengths–not anybody else’s. You can easily double, or even triple, the rate at which you learn new languages using this system.

I know. I developed the system myself. I designed it using a Harvard University theory called The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences. As we speak, I’m having software developers turn it into a software program. When it’s done, I’m going to put it on the market for $49.95.

Act now, though, and I’ll give you a PDF version of it for free! Just use the link below to go to head over to the Official TELL ME MORE website and purchase the software. Then send me an email with the title, “I bought TELL ME MORE Japanese!”

As soon as I get your email, I’ll send your FREE Bonus Gift! Easy as pie!

Click Here to Buy TELL ME MORE Japanese and Claim Your FREE Bonus Gift.


Is this product for you?

The TELL ME MORE Japanese language learning program is first-rate, yes. But that doesn’t mean it matches your personal learning needs and goals.

The TELL ME MORE Japanese product is very comprehensive, but also a bit expensive. If you’re looking for a deep and thorough understanding of the Japanese language, and if you’re planning to study seriously for at least the next year or two, this product is great value for your money.

If you are not fully committed to using the 300 hours of instruction this program provides, however, you may find better value for your money with another product. If you want to acquire an in-depth knowledge of Japanese but aren’t ready to commit a year or two of your life to it, I suggest that you take a look at the more consumer-friendly Rocket Chinese, which is priced at just $99. Here are some highlights of the software.

Read My Rocket Chinese Review

Launch Your Learning with Rocket Japanese

What’s the big deal with Rocket Chinese? Head on over and have a look for yourself!

  • 800,000 satisfied customers!
  • Amazing value–lifetime membership for one fee!
  • Live Help from a Japanese Native Speaker
  • Personalized Learning With My Motivation Feature
  • Perfectly Designed Step-By-Step Learning
  • Highly Interactive–With Both Audio and Video!
  • Beautifully Designed–Reminds Me of Apple Products
  • It’s Joining a Community, Not Just Buying Software
  • Free 6-day Trial–Snatch up a free trial now


Launch Your Learning With Rocket Japanese


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